Editing The City

I've started to add some editor tools to the game, and figured I'd share. Those tools are pretty basic right now, but the new build I've uploaded should give you an idea of where I'm going with them. That's at the bottom of the main page if you want to download it and have a play. 

There's no instructions in-game, so I'll leave them here.


Standard FPS controls to move and look around, Stand where you want to edit, and click the right mouse button to enter focus mode, and then the facade editor button. While in edit mode, Page Up and Page Down will change the draw mode between wall, windows & doors, and use the left-mouse-button to draw out a rectangle. Enter focus mode and click on the facade editor button again to exit edit mode and rebuild the city section.

It's possible to edit the map and facade atlas directly in any bitmap editor. It can take hours to build a full city from texture (though I'm working on speeding this up), and if your buildings are too large or complex, it might not work at all, so be warned . You'll also need to edit the settings.txt file (just change the generation style to '3', and the other values to '1' for true or '0' for false).

I'm working on tools to edit interiors, characters, vehicles and stories within the game. I'll try to add those to the free editor as I implement them, but the game is obviously my main focus.

Thanks for your interest.


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