This is just a quick thing I made for the xkcd Game Jam. It's essentially a 3D visualiser for very large numbers, using the xkcd comic 'Money ( for source data.

I had meant to spend more time on this, but life (and a weekend-long headache) got in the way. If I can find the time, I'll add in some of the things I had planned, like

  • More data! All the data is contained in text files, so it's a simple job to edit it. I haven't made the data reader fool-proof, so you can probably break it just by adding some extra line returns, but it's all there.
  • a better uv system for the money piles, which actually lines up with the notes.
  • Extra currencies, and converters for different years. It's using the original data from the comic, so everything's in 2011 dollars.
  • A more attractive arrangement of data. I had intended to give each set of data its own little 'island', with some signs and possibly graphics. If I can any requests, I may still.
  • Zombies! Because zombies.

Install instructions

Download the file, extract it and run the exe file.


XKCD Money.rar 21 MB


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you can mess around with the files and it will display as anything you wrote, like "Value of all food your mom consumed;9120000000000"

Hey Dan. Do you realize your game page for The Hit cannot be viewed on Itcho without a password? i have no way to contact you about this. I see it has a price tag now, but don't know what the deal is with the password prompt when trying to view the game.

Hey Daza. I've taken the page down temporarily while I sort out a few things. I haven't stopped working on the game, but I'm also working a full time job, so my development time is limited, and I don't feel like the work is moving fast enough to justify keeping the page online right now. I'll update the page later this year when I'm ready to start making some noise again.

Ok fair enough.