This is just a quick thing I made for the xkcd Game Jam. It's essentially a 3D visualiser for very large numbers, using the xkcd comic 'Money ( for source data.

I had meant to spend more time on this, but life (and a weekend-long headache) got in the way. If I can find the time, I'll add in some of the things I had planned, like

  • More data! All the data is contained in text files, so it's a simple job to edit it. I haven't made the data reader fool-proof, so you can probably break it just by adding some extra line returns, but it's all there.
  • a better uv system for the money piles, which actually lines up with the notes.
  • Extra currencies, and converters for different years. It's using the original data from the comic, so everything's in 2011 dollars.
  • A more attractive arrangement of data. I had intended to give each set of data its own little 'island', with some signs and possibly graphics. If I can any requests, I may still.
  • Zombies! Because zombies.

Install instructions

Download the file, extract it and run the exe file.


XKCD Money.rar 21 MB

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